Why Montessori?

Why Choose the Montessori method??? Why are so many parents and teachers such passionate advocates of the Montessori method of education??? Simply put, the answer is … because it works!

Opportunity to Explore Interesting Activities
Children have the opportunity to explore activities that interest them and satisfy any ‘sensitive period’ they are experiencing at that time. They will learn more with no pressure from an adult.

Children Develop Naturally at Their Own Pace
The Teacher, or Directress, acts merely as a guide allowing children to develop naturally at their own pace. They become independent in the learning process.

Builds Self-Discipline
Montessori builds self-discipline. In order for it to become a lifelong skill the child’s ability to remain on task must come from within, not from outside reproach.

Montessori Focuses on Children’s Ability to Learn
Montessori emphasizes cognitive and social development rather than rote learning. The wonder of learning in our world is changing so quickly that memorization is of little use. Montessori focuses on children’s ability to learn by teaching them how to learn.

Building Close Relationships and Self-Confidence
Children learn by osmosis by working together, giving them the opportunity to be taught by peers as well as to take on the role of teacher. They build close relationships and self-confidence. Scientific studies confirm that all children in a multi-age classroom learn more effectively than in a traditional single age room.

Children Work With and Help Each Other
The child is encouraged to teach, work with and help others on a regular basis. In life the most