Montessori    Traditional
Child discovers own concepts from self-teaching materials. Child is guided to concepts by teacher.
Based on the development of the child Based on the transfer of a national curriculum
Child spots own errors from feedback of material. If work is corrected, errors usually pointed out by teacher.
Children follow their own interests and learn at their own pace Children learn from a set curriculum according to a preset time frame
Children teach themselves using specially prepared materials Children are taught by the teacher
Children develop their ability to discover for themselves Learning is based on subjects and based on what is given
Learning based on physical exploration of environment Children sit at desks and learn from worksheets and white boards
Teacher works with children Class is teacher led
Mainly individual instruction. Group and individual instruction.
Intrinsic Motivation Motivation through rewards and punishments
Uninterrupted work flow Block time, period lessons
A mixed age grouping encourages children to teach and help others. Most teaching done by teacher.



Does the Montessori curriculum cover the same subjects as other schools?

Unlike mainstream educational approaches, Montessori education serves the whole human being, and has faith in the child’s universal love of learning.  Therefore, subject areas such as art, french, music, and science are integrated into the prepared environment of the classroom for each child’s exploration.

Suggested Reading

It is understood when a student is accepted for enrollment at Doves Montessori School that the parents or guardians will make a sincere effort to support the student by informing themselves of the basic Montessori philosophy. This can be done by reading Dr. Montessori’s books.

Recommended Titles by Maria Montessori:

• The Absorbent Mind
• The Discovery of the Child
• The Secret of Childhood
• The Child in the Family
• To Educate the Human Potential

Additionally, the following books are recommended to assist you in your role as parent:

• Children: The Challenge by Rudolph Dreikurs
• Parent Power by John Rosemond
• Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler
• Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay
• How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin