Admission and Retention Policies

Parents interested in enrollment of their children should visit Doves Montessori School for a tour and interview.

Applicants for the Elementary class visit DMS for part of the day without their parents as part of the application process.

Siblings of children already enrolled at DMS are given preference in enrollment.

It is understood when a child is accepted for enrollment at DMS that the parents or guardians will make a sincere effort to support the student and the school by informing themselves of the Montessori philosophy and by applying its principles as closely as possible at home. In the event that the home and school’s philosophies are not in agreement, and in order to avoid confusion for the child, the parents will be asked to seek another school whose philosophy and approach is more in keeping with their own.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Doves Montessori School welcomes students of every race, sex, color and national or ethnic origin.