Why Dove Montessori school

  1. We are a Family school

It has been proven that the involvement of parents in the child’s education boosts their academic excellence. This is why Dove Montessori School set aside every last Friday of the month as parent’s night where parents come to school and see what their kids have been doing. Dove Montessori School maintains a small number of students for each teacher (the ratio is 1:12). This enables the teachers to have a close follow up of each child at individualized level. We also have an open door policy where parents can drop in to observe what the children are doing in the classrooms any day. Parents volunteer to read books for the kids, give rides when going on field trips and any other activity.

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  1. Our ‘Laboratory’ like Classrooms set on the Montessori  education philosophy

When you enter our classrooms you will notice that they are very different from the traditional classrooms where desks are in a row and a teacher stands in front of say 20 students and is delivering the same information to all. Our classrooms instead resemble a workshop or laboratory; students are working individually or in small groups. Students are free to move as needed and are active participants in building their own knowledge. Students are exposed to concrete materials scientifically designed to enhance conceptual thinking.  The materials are graded by difficulty and adapt to the maturity of individual students. These tools bring about knowledge based on experience. This way of learning draws on the natural development of the child where each child’s inner directives are guided towards wholesome growth.

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  1. Experienced and dedicated teachers with an International back ground.

The Montessori experience is not simply achieved by having the right classroom design and the right equipment. It requires deep understanding of the philosophy behind the method, and teachers that are able to understand that children are in a learning process that will happen anyway, and that their role is to facilitate and foster an enabling environment.


  1. Affordable school fees

Most schools using a curriculum almost similar to ours are very expensive and usually only expatriates can afford them. Dove Montessori School is relatively affordable compared to these international schools. Our vision is to provide affordable quality education in Rwanda.


  1. Healthy Nutritious Meals and Welfare for the children.

At Dove Montessori School we are committed to providing healthy and nutritious meals to our children. We offer a three course meal at lunch time and an appropriate snack in the afternoon around 3pm. During break time or lunch time, the teachers sit with the children so that they model table etiquette (for example students learn proper napkin placement, utensil use, chair placement, food placement and conversation during meal time. The older children participate in setting the table).


  1. Doctor on-call

Doves Montessori School offers medical care to our students on site. We have a doctor on site who makes general check-ups for the children every once a week routinely and on call whenever he is needed. He makes recommendations to the parents regarding the child’s condition if he thinks investigations need to be done.

  1. Extra-curricular programs for a well rounded education.

  • Music and Piano lessons; – Two times a week during the afternoons, children four (4) years and above are given music lessons. They learn how to play a piano using classic music notes
  • Yoga/movement;yogaChildren three (3) years and above undergo mind and body training once week. They practicing their gross motor skills and breathing properly. The training is done by one of our teachers.
  • swimSwimming and Tennis; – Every Friday, children above three years (3) years are given swimming lessons by trained ‘life savers’ at the nearby Nyarutarama Sports Center/Tennis club. The little one stay behind at school and have their own water play in an inflatable pool. The teachers closely supervise these activities to avoid any sort of accidents. Tennis lessons/coaching is also done for some of the children especially those above four (4) years. This is done every Wednesday afternoon as students have a half day off.
  • French lessons; – To ensure that our students become multi-linguists, we offer French lessons two days a week. This is taught by a native French speaker.